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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall craft projects

Decorating is always a fun way to welcome in the change of seasons and fall holidays. Living in Texas, I have a hard time decorating for fall when it's still 103 outside, sooooo...  I personally don't make the switch from summer decor to fall until October. It's a perfect time to put up my fall mantle and Halloween decorations at the same time. Last year I spent a lot of time of time on homemade decorations. I pinned a lot of inspiration here on my October pinterest board. Take a peek! Here's the fall mantle I put together this year:

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. The cinnamon sticks in the jar add just a touch of fall scent to the living room. Speaking of cinnamon, I have heard a lot about the cinnamon brooms this year, so when I saw one at Trader Joe's I decided to give it a shot in our home. This time, however, my idea was an epic fail. The broom had such a powerful scent, my allergies were crazy in about 30 minutes. The cinnamon broom had to be moved outside. If you are interested in trying this out at your house, I suggest making it yourself so you can control the amount of cinnamon oil you use, and the length of the soaking.

Any change of season wouldn't be complete without some new dresses for my baby girl. In case you couldn't tell from my pinterest boards or my last post, I'm a *bit* obsessed with foxes right now... so when I found some adorable fox fabric at the store, I had to buy some! I also picked up some fabric to mak my daughter a new Thanksgiving dress this year. I went for a with a more whimsical print over the traditional options; there's only so many years she's a little girl. (; I also had the opportunity to make a Broncos dress for my niece, and a special birthday dress... but I'll wait for her big day to reveal that one! 

My friend over at Merry Made Collections is, as always, responsible for the magnificent embroidery on my dresses. Didn't she do a great job?? Which one is your favorite? Mine is the fall fox & leaves dress!

And finally, the project I am MOST proud of this fall... Abigail's fifth birthday quilt. In January (yes, the month that came around nine months ago!), when Abigail turned five, she asked me to make her a special quilt to remember her 5th birthday. I was floored. I couldn't believe Abigail wanted me to make something that special for her! Of course I said yes -- even though I hadn't made a *real* quilt since I worked on a Christmas quilt with my mom when I was a teenager. I did a little researching, and found this gorgeous quilt another seamstress has made for her daughter for the same reason - a special birthday girl wanted one. I loved the style she used on the quilt - just enough rapunzel without it being too charactery. I did my best to mimic her quilt, though I went with some different color and pattern choices. I'm really proud of the way the quilt turned out, even if it took me nine months to get to it. (; A special THANK YOU to my sister-in-law for cutting out the fabric letters for me! 

Pinned and ready to quilt together
The finished project
Bottom of the quilt embroidery
Abigail and her new quilt

All cozy, wrapped up in her fifth birthday quilt


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