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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dresses, totes & lots of links

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I took a small hiatus in the Spring since I had other obligations, but I'm back now and ready to share some of the things I've been working on. Last time I posted, I updated y'all with some spring crafts I created to get ready to host my first Easter party, so this time I thought I would play catch up on some of my latest sewing projects!

First up is a baseball dress I made for my daughter. My husband plays on a local co-ed softball team, and my daughter is always asking for something "basebally" to wear to his games. I've had people ask me a few times if I use patterns -- the answer is NO, I don't use patterns. However, before I try something new I usually find a blog post or two with picture instructions, so I can get a good idea of what I'm about to do. For those of you who like patterns, however, you can find a pattern for this type of dress here (I am not affiliated with this person in any way, I just had it saved to my pinterest board). Here is the blog post I consulted before I embarked on my this sewing adventure(:

I always start by washing, ironing and cutting my fabric pieces before I do a project. Sometimes I will do this for three or four at a time, so when I have time to sew I can just grab the pieces I need and start my project right away. Half the time of every project is the ironing and cutting.

The next dresses I worked on were for my daughter and her cousin (my niece). We took all the kiddos to Thomas Day Out and of course the girls needed something to wear!! Since these were my second ones to make, they were a little easier but still a little time consuming. I'm getting there, though!

Here they are:

My friend over at Artsy Magnet did the embroidery for me on these! I wanted the dresses to compliment each other but not be totally identical, so I just flip flopped the red and yellow panels on the dresses. The girls were happy with their outfits for the day, so that was all the gratitude I needed. I love to make them smile.

I've had a few small projects here & there, some chamois dot pillow cases for some sweet girls,

and actually something for myself!!! I found these AMAZING fabrics at a local fabric store and snatched them up in a nanosecond. I have some left over, too, so I guess one of my lucky friends will be getting a tote to match mine.... just have to figure out who! I also made a tote for my niece, since she is my go to babysitter. I've been making these totes for a while, so it wasn't anything new that I was trying out, however, it is the first time I've made one for myself. I'm really happy with the way it turned out (I put a double pocket on the inside), and I was glad I made it reversible so I can have it on funky chevron side, or the mint/brown honore side.

Stay tuned for my next crafty post, featuring fruity flower arrangments, teacher gifts, and more!


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