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Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick & easy Easter decorations

This will be the first year I'm playing host for our big family dinner on Easter Sunday, and I couldn't be more excited! I love a new opportunity to get my craft on. Since a majority of the people coming to dinner are under 15, my focus for decor had to be cute and fun. I put together some ideas on my Spring Pinterest Board, and went from there. After I picked which pins I was going to mimic, I created a shopping list and hit up the dollar store first.

My first two projects were center pieces for the dinner tables. I've seen a lot of cute ideas involving candy & flowers, so I went with that this year. Here is the first piece I got inspiration from. I loved the spring flowers with matching eggs inside. Here is my version:

I am so happy with how it turned out! I picked out three purple flower bouquets, one butterfly/grass topper, one pack of pastel eggs, one bag of marsh mellow flowers, and a vase (the ribbon was repurposed). Total spent on this centerpiece: $7

This is the pinspiration for my second piece. I liked the color blocking (green m&ms, pink peeps, and yellow daisies). When I got to the store, I realized how many bags of candy I would have to buy to do an entirely green bottom, so I just went with a general candy egg layer, peep layer, and yellow flowers to top it off. Whose do you like better??

I used one bag of eggs, one box of peeps, three yellow flowers and one vase (ribbon was repurposed). Total spent: $6

The last craft I picked up today was a jelly bean & bubble tray. I thought this would be cute for the kids to snack on before we ate, and the little bubbles would be a surprise for them to either keep & take home, or use throughout the day. I also found a q-tip painting art project that used the same tray as the jelly bean & bubbles - a deviled egg tray! So clever. I knew the dollar store kept these party trays in stock, so I added it to my list, too. It was a huge bummer to find out the Dollar Store only had one deviled egg tray in stock... so I improvised. Here's my jelly bean & bubble dish:

This piece cost me $2 (one package of eight carrots, and one bag of jelly beans - I already had the dish). I know the kids will LOVE picking out their favorite jelly beans and snacking until dinner is ready, and annoying the adults with the bubbles! And BONUS - my kids will still have the egg tray I found for some q-tip painting later this week.

Since I didn't have a lot of easter decorations, I used all of our Easter baskets and cute bunny stuffed animals to decorate the rest of the house. I also got one lily plant in honor of my grandma - my mom always brought her one for Easter. My grandma will be with my Aunt for Easter this year, but atleast we'll see the lilies and think of her. I know that by Sunday, the entire plant will have bloomed beautifully. I can't wait to see the flowers!

My last Easter themed project is teacher gifts for our preschool. Between the kids' teachers (they each have two), and our administration (who we never forget!), we make nine gifts, so I always have to be "creative" in coming up with a cheap way to make all our teachers feel special. I had seen these adorable apple gifts floating around the internet for back to school gifts in the fall, but wanted to spruce it up with a spring theme. I found the little cups three for $1, we already had marsh mellows, and then I found this Ultimate Fuzzy Kit in pastel colors in the arts & crafts section at Target for $3.98. I used hot glue to attach everything, and cellophane bags to hold the candy (which I already had). Total spent: $6.98, bringing my total per gift to $.78cents. I call that a win! Here they are:

These were so fun to make. I had my daughter fill the candy bags, and she picked out the nose, eyes, and bunny tail to glue on each bunny dish. Fun way to spend some time together, and get in a little fine motor work as well. (; To finish this project off, I taped a little paper to the bottom of each bunny that says "Some bunny loves you," and had my son & daughter write their names.

That's it for my spring crafting so far! What have you been making?


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