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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekends in the Fall

Going to school five days a week has been such an adjustment for all of us! This year we made the switch to afternoon classes, which basically demolished naps at my house. We already knew we were in the minority having a 4.5 year old and 3.5 year old who still napped... but those naps allowed our kids to stay up a little later, and spend time with Daddy when he got off work later during the week. No naps means our kids go to bed at least an hour earlier than they used to, so time with daddy is a hot commodity. Our weekends have become a precious time together as a family, so we're trying to spend every moment we can together. It's been awesome!

A few weeks ago, Chris' grandma on his Mom's side (Memaw), celebrated her 80th birthday. While she was in Dallas, we celebrated with Chris' Dad's Mom and sister, and that weekend we traveled to Houston to celebrate with Memaw's family. The party was at a park/pavilion area down in Baytown, so there was a nice breeze and awesome cloud coverage that kept the weather tolerable. All of Abigail & Brody's cousins on daddy's side were there to celebrate with us!

Memaw & Abigail trying on party favors

Chris' family on his Mom's side

All the big cousins... Madden & Peyton, Lily, Abigail & Brody

Myself & Chris

Last weekend, we went to a community picnic at Windmill Playground in the city my husband works in. The park at this particular place is unique, in that it was a community build park, so my husband got to work on it and help build parts of it! We love taking the kids there, and last weekend they were able to use the splash pad for the first time (it hadn't been open the other times we were there). Our kids are close in age to Chris' boss' kids, so we found them and let the kids play and eat together at the park. Abigail and Trey walked around holding hands the entire time, yikes! (: They were all so sweet together, it was nice to catch up with the Webbs!

Trey & Abigail <3

Brody, Trey, Chandler (back) & Abigail

Sweet Mommy + daughter pic of Allison & Chandler

On the way home, we heard the train coming, so we parked and let the kids climb on the back of trailer to watch it go by. Beautiful sunset!!

THIS weekend, we went to Daddy's softball game on Friday night, which is always a blast! He didn't play ball over the summer, so it was our first game to attend since last spring. One of Abigail's friend's dad got to sub, so they kids also enjoyed cheering for Mr. Dougy (ha)! Team Mojo played a great game, and pulled off another W, 15-6. Go team Mojo!!

Abs & Brody cheering on Daddy & Mr. Dougy

One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday is explore new parks in the area. This weekend, we ended up at Limestone Quarry park in Frisco, which is my new favorite park. The city park is adjacent to the neighborhood park, which are both connected to a hike & bike trail. The community park is multi-level and set into the ground, and features public art work and built in stone benches for story time. It is so lovely, and I can't wait to go back again!

After playing at the park, we enjoyed a picnic outside before taking the kids over to a Real Bookstore in Fairview to pick out some surprises!  ARB is a big, local bookstore with an incredible children's section. The kids love to go there and play, look at books, and pick out something to take home (of course). The store has lots of kid sized tables to play on, floor mats to lay on, and most importantly, an oversized chair to cuddle up with your little brother read.

Next weekend the family is heading to Seaworld for the FIRST TIME!! We are so excited to take the kids to their first theme park. I can't wait to share it with you (:



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