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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A stitch here, a stitch there

Last year, Chris's cousin Kelly asked me to make her a teeshirt quilt featuring all her college & highschool shirts. Since she lives in Indiana, I waited until we met up in Florida on family vacation this summer to give it to her. Kelly picked out all the fabrics online last fall. I had a great time making this quilt, and I can't wait to make another one! I saved all the shirts I bought at concerts over the past two decades, so I'm really excited to put that one together as a Christmas present to myself (:

I didn't take as many pictures early on in the process, but here are the ones I snapped when I remembered to grab my camera. This first picture is after I cut all the shirts into squares, and sewed the pipping on. To get the perfect square each time, I used a square ruler which I bought on Amazon last fall. I loved how easy it was to make every shirt the exact same size. I chose to get Kelly's name embroidered at the bottom since it was such a personal quilt, and I chose the collegiate type font since they were all school shirts! I *love* how the embroidery turned out!

The front panel of the quilt all sewed together, before I added the outer border.

After I added the outer panel to the original front side, I added a layer of batting and a panel of fabric to the back. I sewed that all together and attached a grey border around the edges to complete the look.

I just love this quilt!! Kelly is lucky it has her shirts on it, I might have kept it otherwise, Ha!

Another project I worked on recently, was a Halloween dress for Abs. As soon as I saw the idea on Pinterest, I couldn't wait to make my own variation! Abigail was SO excited to see her new 'ghosty dress.' Whose do you think turned out better?? (;

Last, but not least, is a tote bag set I'm working on for two sweet sisters. They weren't finished by the time I took pictures, but don't you just love these fabrics??

As always, stay tuned for more sewing projects (:


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