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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Since I'm a mean AWESOME MOM

Since I'm an awesome mom, I asked for a lot of educational gifts for the kids Christmas and birthday presents. And because kids are dumb, they have no idea how much they are learning while they are playing.

One of my favorite things from their lists, were dot markers and books to go with. We pulled them out a couple weeks ago, for the first time, and they LOVED them! My daughter uses these at phonics for 'writing' the letters of the day, but she was so excited to use them at HS for art time. I have been feeling like our art time has gotten a little stale (read: whatever I'm able to grab and put together in 2 minutes), so having these was a nice way to 'shake' things up a bit. SO fun!

Another other fun thing we got for christmas, was a lacing set. Another way to practice lacing is with beads & string. Or macaroni & pipe cleaners. The important thing for us, is changing up how we utilize the same concept and skills. Also how I approach it. For example:

Me: Hey, daughter, do you want to take some beads, and lace them on a string, and work on your fine motor?
Daughter: What's fine motor?


Me: Hey! Lets make a bracelet! 
Daughter: YEAY!!! 

See? Told ya kids are dumb.

We've also had a lot of fun with pattern blocks & boards, of which I asked for two different kinds since my kids are two different ages. For my younger one, I asked for the beginner set, and for my older one, a more advanced set. The beginner set has been great for shape & word recognition, since the boards are mostly common animals and scenes in our every day life (flower pot, duck, etc). The set for my daughter has also been a hit, though it requires some help, as the pieces move as you place them, since there are no grooves on the board (like the beginner set). Sometimes I think M&D make these "learning toys" to help parents practice their patients!

I saved my favorite learning toy for last, because I can not be more in love with this toy! The V Tech USA Explore & Learn Map is awesome.  One of the reasons I wanted to home school - aside from the obvious reason of the kids' benefit - was that I wanted to do a "Me on the Map" unit which I have read about on various blogs and teacher sites. One of the first things I picked for our class room, in fact, was our map quilt that we use for circle time (you can read about our classroom, here). There are so many awesome ways to use this map, and until we do our map unit, the kids have enjoyed playing with it in the living room during family time. Also, since their dad is a super nerd, I mean a Planner, he's enjoyed it as well.

Stay tuned for my winter themed activities, art projects, & book posts, coming soon to a blog near you. Make sure you've subscribed to the blog so it's easier to keep up with us!


  1. Hahahahaha. "Kids are dumb". I get to practice my reading and puzzle skills daily.