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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Winter Sensory Box

With the holidays, family in town, and my daughter's birthday, the blog has taken a bit of a break over the last couple months! We, however, have not! Home school has been going great, and we are still keeping up with it all the time. Okay, fine, we took a couple weeks off in December, and maybe a day or two with the start of 2012... but that's it. I swear.

My last post was our October sensory box, so I thought I would start this one with our Winter sensory box, since the kids have been enjoying it for a while now! I had a lot of fun with this one. I usually start with a colored base of beans, or rocks, or something that they are able to "dig" through to find the other things I've placed in the box.

I didn't do that this time.

First, I wanted something that was big and white as the main piece in the box. I also wanted to introduce a texture we haven't had in our sensory box before. Luckily, I have three craft stores right in a row in my town, so I was able to find this awesome piece of faux fur! 

The other things I wanted to focus on were objects that belong in winter: animals, colors, etc. I looked through the books we had, and decided on penguins, snowmen, the color white, and SNOW! I was able to find some adorable little figurines that were the perfect size for the kids' little hands. I liked that the trees had 'snow' on them, and that they were pine trees (which stay green during cold weather, were as other plants do not!). I also got snowflakes; I found some that were made of felt and were flat, as well as plastic ones that are beads - both flat and three dimensional. The other purchase I made was a white craft feather that looks like it belongs on a flapper hat! The kids have enjoyed using this feather with different activities over the last month.

Wintery white beads & a little tree with 'snow'
Little winter figurines: Penguins, Snowmen and trees
A white, winter feather

The only thing not pictured was the book, Frosty the Snowman, by Jack Rollins. We have read it about 48 times now. Yea! (:

That's all for now... Stay tuned for more wintery theme projects, words, worksheets, art fun and more! I promise to blog more if you promise to keep reading (:


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