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Monday, October 24, 2011

The week of the Apple, part two

The rest of our week was a lot of fun because it ended with a baking day! But, before we get to that, lets talk about language arts. Our color for the week was RED, so we did our usual letter sheets (one a day until we spelled out the word). We also worked on beginning sounds matching (as you can see on the top left). I let Abigail work on coloing the apples, cutting out the squares, and matching them to the correct picture. She did fabulous! I let my son use my daughter's work sheet - not quite ready to give him the scissors!

Another project we did was matching upper and lower case letters. I found these sheets online and cut them out! They were an awesome teaching tool, and I plan on using this idea again later on with a different shape.

Here are some art projects we worked on during the week: 
Apple Stamping:
I used small cookie cutters to make the shape in the center of the apple.

I made apple cutouts and gave them stickers:

Do you remember the post where I talked about our books for the month? Well turns out that How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World is the best kids book I have ever read. Ever. Immediately after we finished reading it my kids wanting to make an apple pie. The concept of the book is this: a little girl wants to make a pie, but she is out of ingrediants, and her local market is closed. She then travels from country to country gathering what she needs from the original source: she gets her sugar from sugar cane in Jamaica, she gets milk from a cow in France, etc etc. Then, she goes back home and makes her apple pie with all her fresh ingrediants she has gotten from all over the world. Awesome. In love. I just thought this was the coolest thing ever. It was such an incredible book and I was so glad my kids loved it as much as I did.

I already knew that by the end of the week we'd be making a real apple pie, but I decided to use some play-doh to practice our pie skills, and reiterate the lessons we just learned from the book. In our class for the month, I had already put together this basket for our "real life" corner of the room. I paired it with our wooden microwave.

Our "baking accessories"

This was a pretty fun project. The kids use cookie cutters to make red & green doh apples. They used mini tart pans and smushed their play-doh pie crust into the pan, then put their apples inside.They rolled out some doh and cut it into strips to make the top crust, and I showed them how to interlace it. Brody was in charge of putting the pies into the "oven" and Abigail was in charge of getting them out with a hot pad. (: 

Our real apple pie baking adventure went relatively the same way, with a few difference:

 First, we used real apples & cut them up. We have kid utensils, so I allowed my daughter to use her knife and cutting board to help slice some up. She did awesome. Brody prepared for the pie in other ways.... the kids measured out everything we needed for the homemade crust and the pie filling. Here are a few more shots from the baking day:

It was a good day. (: 


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