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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our books for the month of September

Here's a look at some of our reading choices for the first month of home school. If you recall, our overall theme for the month is FALL & FRIENDS, with a focus on the fox, apples, trees & leaves, and fall itself. On Monday, we read one of Abigail's favorite books, My Lucky Day by Kasza, and we ate spaghetti for lunch, just like in the story! The rest of the week, we are choosing from these books about school:

For our apple week, here are the reading choices:

I just love national geographic books for kids, so I was so excited to find this one about apples.
Here are our books for the tree/leaves week:

And of course, our books for Fall week:

I am so excited to get through all these books. I may or may not have already flipped through/read them. I love reading and I know my kids love it, too. It's so fun to incorporate these fun books into our monthly theme! (;


  1. Hey, evelyn got her september issue of Ladybug magazine this week and there was a story about the first apple of fall. It was the kind that had words missing and pictures in their place so she could say some of the story. Also a clever rhyme with motions about acorns. Holler if you want to see it or copy it.

    We decided not to do the other curriculum because it was too hard top get the right books at the library. So I just picked a theme and ours this week is frogs. I liked how your theme weeks are looking.

  2. I would love the acorn rhyme!!! thanks ((: