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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day two : success!

I am SO happy to report that our second day of home school went much better than the first day. Instead of trying to teach them both the same thing at the same time, I split things up. Abigail started the day working on her math and word matching. She was able to count foxes on a page, and match it with a number. Then, by using our zero-10 number board, was able to match the word number to the actual number. She was really proud of her self for being able to do this (mostly) unassisted! Like I mentioned before, she does very well working alone after the explanation of a project is given. I was so proud of her! 

While Abigail worked on this, Brody played by himself. He explored our art corner, coloring the fox I had drawn on the page earlier that morning. He also explored our sensory box, and we talked about bigger, smaller, and the same. He made rows of items that were the same, and arranged the items from small to big.

Abigail helped, too. With her, we talked about things from the box that were the same and different. She was able to identify 5 things between the apples that were the same, and five things between the two leaves that were different. We touched on different senses, comparing the way the apples & leaves looked (shape & color), felt (heavy/light/smooth/rough), etc. She did very well identifying the various properties of the different items from the sensory box.

For fine motor, we worked with Play-doh, which was the kids' favorite part of the day. They LOVE Play-doh and beg me to play with it all the time, so that's a plus. We spent the most amount of time on that. They were able to roll out their doh, use cookie cutters to make shapes & imprints (we stuck with fall themed cutters, like the horse, an apple, etc). The other doh tool I introduced was a plastic knife and plastic scissors. Last year, one of the only things the preschool teachers at the school talked to me about was using scissors -- I has specifically never introduced them in our house since my youngest one was so little. So this year, we are starting early. Brody did okay with scissors, but he will definitely need more practice as the year goes on. Over the summer, Abigail and I worked on this book I had bought from in the spring, so she has had a lot of practice with scissors by now. 

Here are a couple other books I have LOVED using with Abigail:
Wipe Clean workbook numbers 1-30
Tracing and Pen Control
My First Wipe Clean Letters

I REALLY want this, though!
Brain Quest Pre-K Workbook
I love all their products!!

Here are a few more pics from Wednesday:


  1. We have a kumon coloring book too. Mine is for age 2-3. Brody might like it. Evelyn started it when she turned two.