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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our last day of the fox

At some point over the 4-day Labor Day weekend, we finished up our fox unit, and our first week of home school. It was a productive day! We tied up our unit with going over everything we had learned that week. They practiced writing the letter "X" (if you remember, earlier in the week they had done "F" and "O"), and we sang a new song I had found about foxes.

Sometimes the kiddos are sweet and work together while I am prepping for our day. Abigail is really big on "working as a team" right now, in whatever capacity that may be. I know at her preschool, they had "team art" earlier in the week, so that may be where it has come from. That... or Wonderpets. (:

This has been my latest difficulty, I suppose. Abigail wants to do everything as a team, and it's just not possible. They both work best when I'm giving them individual attention for the more difficult tasks (writing & math), but when I am working with Brody during his time, Abigail still wants my full attention to help her build with blocks or color on the art boards. She is such a time monopolizer! (;

As the norm, my favorite part of class time was our art project. I had cut out some fox shapes the week before, so I put those in a box, along with some crayons, googly eyes, glue sticks and glitter. I let the kids pick how they wanted to decorate their foxes, and I just helped assist. They really enjoyed being able to make their own choices - even if those choices were limited to what was in the box. It was adorable. Brody - who will do anything Abigail does - decorated his fox EXACTLY how Aba did. here are a few pics:

And finally, here is a pic of all of our work from the last day of the fox unit:

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey of home schooling! Stay tuned for my favorite theme  from this month -- the apple!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our books for the month of September

Here's a look at some of our reading choices for the first month of home school. If you recall, our overall theme for the month is FALL & FRIENDS, with a focus on the fox, apples, trees & leaves, and fall itself. On Monday, we read one of Abigail's favorite books, My Lucky Day by Kasza, and we ate spaghetti for lunch, just like in the story! The rest of the week, we are choosing from these books about school:

For our apple week, here are the reading choices:

I just love national geographic books for kids, so I was so excited to find this one about apples.
Here are our books for the tree/leaves week:

And of course, our books for Fall week:

I am so excited to get through all these books. I may or may not have already flipped through/read them. I love reading and I know my kids love it, too. It's so fun to incorporate these fun books into our monthly theme! (;

Day two : success!

I am SO happy to report that our second day of home school went much better than the first day. Instead of trying to teach them both the same thing at the same time, I split things up. Abigail started the day working on her math and word matching. She was able to count foxes on a page, and match it with a number. Then, by using our zero-10 number board, was able to match the word number to the actual number. She was really proud of her self for being able to do this (mostly) unassisted! Like I mentioned before, she does very well working alone after the explanation of a project is given. I was so proud of her! 

While Abigail worked on this, Brody played by himself. He explored our art corner, coloring the fox I had drawn on the page earlier that morning. He also explored our sensory box, and we talked about bigger, smaller, and the same. He made rows of items that were the same, and arranged the items from small to big.

Abigail helped, too. With her, we talked about things from the box that were the same and different. She was able to identify 5 things between the apples that were the same, and five things between the two leaves that were different. We touched on different senses, comparing the way the apples & leaves looked (shape & color), felt (heavy/light/smooth/rough), etc. She did very well identifying the various properties of the different items from the sensory box.

For fine motor, we worked with Play-doh, which was the kids' favorite part of the day. They LOVE Play-doh and beg me to play with it all the time, so that's a plus. We spent the most amount of time on that. They were able to roll out their doh, use cookie cutters to make shapes & imprints (we stuck with fall themed cutters, like the horse, an apple, etc). The other doh tool I introduced was a plastic knife and plastic scissors. Last year, one of the only things the preschool teachers at the school talked to me about was using scissors -- I has specifically never introduced them in our house since my youngest one was so little. So this year, we are starting early. Brody did okay with scissors, but he will definitely need more practice as the year goes on. Over the summer, Abigail and I worked on this book I had bought from in the spring, so she has had a lot of practice with scissors by now. 

Here are a couple other books I have LOVED using with Abigail:
Wipe Clean workbook numbers 1-30
Tracing and Pen Control
My First Wipe Clean Letters

I REALLY want this, though!
Brain Quest Pre-K Workbook
I love all their products!!

Here are a few more pics from Wednesday: