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Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of school!

So many thoughts ran out of my head as I shut our classroom door for the day. Thoughts like, why did you do this? what were you thinking? these kids are crazy banshee monkeys they can't be taught!

But I know that's not true.
My son had a hard time. He didn't understand circle time, he didn't want to sit, he didn't want to be still for that long. He saw toys in all the other directions and me talking about foxes for whatever reason and probably thought I was nuts. My issues so far are pretty common, I think: having a hard time finding curriculum that's both appropriate for a 3.5 and 2.5 year old. It's challenging for my son, and not quite challenging enough for my daughter. I honestly thought I had picked some good material, but I was wrong.

I've always spent more time with her, since her afternoon nap is about half of my son's, so she's gotten extra attention as far as education goes her entire life. Also, she's already been through one year of preschool. She breezed through my work sheets. After I explained how to use them, they were finished. I'm not sure how far to push her -- I don't know what's "age" appropriate and what's not. It's difficult.

My other hiccup is I need to give my son extra attention since he needs the most help with stuff, but my daughter wants the same amount of attention. It's totally understandable, just a little difficult. I overly praise him, only because I want him to stay interest and feel like he's doing something well, even when it's mostly me doing it for him, where as with my daughter, she does everything herself, so I'm not constantly praising her the entire way through a worksheet.

I think I need to let one play while I work with one, and then switch them. I also found that when I had them both enjoying center time, they both wanted my attention with the toys, also. They pretty much want 100% attention on their self 100% of the time. It's hard. 

How do you homeschool more than one age at a time? Any tips or tricks?

Here are some pics from today. I forgot to snap some while we were in class, but I did manage to get some afterwards:

This is our learning board from circle time. We talked about the FOX, spelled out the word and learned the letters. We talked about where a fox lives, what it eats, and the different colors a fox can be. We made our fox masks (my daughter was very excited to use sticky tape for the whiskers! ha), and then walked around like foxes and pretended to eat wild berries. I love their imaginations. I love watching them learn something and grasp a concept. It's so exciting.

Here are their work sheets. Abigail is working on coloring inside the lines, she's doing a great job! She also wrote and spelled her name by herself. Good job Abigail! 

The kids really enjoyed our fall sensory box. Brody tried to eat all the plastic & wooden fruit. Abigail thought it was awesome picking up the tiny bird eggs with graspers (which is what they will be called on this blog until someone tells me the right name for them), counting them, and putting them in the bird nest. Point for mom!

 And of course, our circle time mat!!! My husband majored in geography, so when I found this adorable fabric a couple months ago, I practically snatched it out of this pregnant lady's hands and bought a panel. SO cute. I lined it with some batting and covered the back in some polka dot fabric I already had. My husband loves it and my kids love to search for things on it! Double fun. (:

Tomorrow my kids start their first day at their preschool (they will go twice a week on T/TH) so wish them luck. It's Abigail's second year so she's pretty excited, but Brody's FIRST day of school ever. Or better yet, say a quick little nice thought for their teachers.. ha.


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