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Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY classroom at home, step by step

Step 1: take apart your baby crib

Step 2: move guest bed into baby's room, thus giving baby a new big boy bed and emptying out your classroom

Step 3: totally gut the guest room and destory your house

Step 4: start piecing together a class room, station by station, all the while cleaning your house as you go

Step 5: call your sister and give her all your stuff that won't fit back into the guest room. I mean classroom.

See? It's eaaaaasy.


It's not like I woke up one morning and said, "I know what will be a great idea... I'm going to homeschool my toddlers. That sounds like fun!" It was more like, "Holy s*** balls! It's expensive to put two children into private preschool three days a week! Help!" And then I started googling.... which always leads to dangerous places. I found little activities here and there that we could do at home to educate alongside our preschool, but I just kept thinking to myself, this isn't enough, this isn't going to keep them entertained all day, they are going to EAT ME ALIVE!!!

So it was that, combined with the fact that I really enjoy doing art projects with my kids and reading them books, that lead me to seeking out preschool curriculum. How can I tie all this together? How can I make the information stick? Well.. the same way teachers do, dummy. You TIE it together, you have themes, you have cross platform continuity, you have.... CURRICULUM.


So I started researching more. I read about educating kids. I read about how they learn, how their brain works, how to engage a 2-3 yr old for more than five seconds. And then I created a lesson plan. And a daily schedule. And themes and activities and and and.

I made a super hero cape.


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