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Monday, June 20, 2011

I don't even know where to begin!

pretty little happy has been BUSY BUSY BUSY undergoing so many exciting changes since the launch of this blog! I am so thankful to all my friends and family that have been supporting me through this process. it's such an awesome feeling to have people believe in you! a couple of months ago, I finally put up the prettylittlehappy etsy store: here. I've even been fortunate enough to even sell a few things to perfect strangers! So cool. 
the first set I sold was a bib & burp cloth set. I made it out of this beautiful fabric. for baby items, I really like to use chenille to back the fabric, as it's so baby soft and extra durable. it's thick enough to wipe away spit up but soft enough for a baby to love. with this same fabric, I also made a ribbon blankey. i. am. in. love. with. ribbon. blankeys. for. babies. they have become my go-to gift for all my pregnant friends... well.. that, and about a hundred other things. (; what I love about them is how they are great for some many different ages! the younger babies love them for the textures and tugging that you can do, while the old kiddos like them to cover up their little beanie baby with at nap time (or is that just my kiddo?). I've made a couple different versions... which one do you like best?

be on the lookout for more blogs soon. 
love, pretty little happy