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Friday, April 15, 2011

I love making baby gifts

One of my favorite friends is pregnant with her second baby, so I decided to get a head start on her baby gift this week! I bought a girly bundle from one of my favorite fabric stores, a main fabric for the front and went to work! Since it's her second baby, I knew I wanted to make something that was useful, practical and beautiful. I started by using this fabric and picking some coordinating pieces to match; I already had the white chenille to use on the back {I love using chenille for baby items such as a stroller blankets, burp clothes and bibs, since it is so so soft... and also because it's fantastic for soaking up spills and dribbles}. I ended up using scraps I already had from home to create the quilt-like border. After I sewed all the pieces together, I cut them into strips so I would have enough to fit around the blanket. I then sewed the border to the dotted pink fabric, and pinned all of that to the chenille back. I considered adding a thin layer of batting, but since they don't live in an ultra cool environment, I opted out. When I was finished, I had enough border left over to make something else, so I decided to make two small burpclothes, in two different sizes. Though the size difference is minimal, one is slightly longer & more thin. When my second was born, this same friend knitted 3 differently sized burp clothes for me, and I really loved the flexibility the various sizes allowed. I am absolutely in love with how everything turned out. I hope baby "bubble" will love being cozied up in her new blanket once she arrives in a few more months!

Check back often for more updates this weekend... including a... da-nanana-da-nanana BATMAN collection for a special little boy!


  1. "da-nanana-da-nanana BATMAN collection"

    YES! Awesome! This is why i {<3} you. :)