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Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby quilt for sweet Oliver

A few months ago, one of my daughter's school friends became a big brother to baby Oliver. A few months after he was born, Ollie was diagnosed with Phpv and congenital cataracts, so his mom was looking for a tactile quilt for him. While I was doing research, figuring out what would be the perfect quilt for Ollie, the Blind Babies Organization gave his mom a small tactile lovey,* so I set to work to make the best quilt I could for him!

First I started with a set of three lightweight flannel receiving blankets that were super soft and easy to match. I then picked three solid colors for the center of the squares and found a matching dotted chamois to border the squares. For the patchwork border, I used the printed flannel, as well as some fabric I already had. I pulled some red from the dotted fleece, and I think it really helped bring the quilt together.

The bottom layer of the blanket is a super soft and cuddly fabric that is a personal favorite of mine. I think the different fabrics will be great for Oliver, and I hope he can enjoy this for years to come. I put a lot of heart into this quilt, and I just know it'll be perfect for him.

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  1. That quilt looks great! You're a wonderful friend, Shelley.